How Probaan works
Buying and selling a home marks the start of a new chapter in life. At Probaan we believe in a dramatically simplified experience, delivering confidence and peace of mind at every step. If you’re selling, your home to us to eliminate the hassles of showings and months of uncertainty. If you’re buying, we make it incredibly easy to tour hundreds of Probaan listing so you can find the perfect one.
For Sellers
  • You request an offer.
  • 1. Your home expert prepares an offer with market data and the unique information you provide.
  • 2. You review your offer and associated fees. When you’re ready to sign your contract so are we.
  • 3. Schedule your free home assessment. If repairs are needed, Probaan can do the work post-close. We’ll simply deduct the costs from your proceeds.
  • 4. Get paid in a matter of days and move on to your next home stress-free while we get the home list-ready.
We’ll handle the maintenance of
the home and find the next buyer.
For Buyers
  • 1. Check your credit and availability on buying a home with banking process (Yakgu). We match your data with home data that we have on our listing.
  • 2. Visit Probaan homes on your schedule and access them using Our agent or Our representative.
  • 3. Once you fall in love, we’ll guide you through making an offer.
  • 4. You close and settle into your new home.